Strategies Implemented to Engage Your Employees in Innovation and Continuous Improvement.

Innovation is the vital part of any organization that plans to achieve its goals and objectives. The employees of any organization are the crucial factor in the organization innovation and improvement. In order to provide strong innovative culture, the organization should follow some strategies to involve their employees in the innovation process.

There are many strategies to engage the organization’s employees effectively. I do I agree with Ken Hendricks, the late CEO of the largest roofing distribution company in the U.S, as he invented a strategy to let his employees feel that all are equal, and all are peers. He believed that by putting the employees first, they will put their customer first. I like this idea, and I already use this strategy within my department.

The second strategy is by let employees feel that they are part of the company. To achieve this strategy, the organization should support their staff, their supervisors should support them as well, and the operations managers should make the innovation as the particular part of the job or the task.


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