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An Introduction to Zoology

Introduction Many scientists invented the evolution of living organisms long time ago. Different theories have been discussed. Some of them are good, others are not accurate. The study of evolution had led to the study of the life cycle of organisms and the survival strategies that organisms follow in the changing environments. It is crucial… Continue reading An Introduction to Zoology


Strategies Implemented to Engage Your Employees in Innovation and Continuous Improvement.

Innovation is the vital part of any organization that plans to achieve its goals and objectives. The employees of any organization are the crucial factor in the organization innovation and improvement. In order to provide strong innovative culture, the organization should follow some strategies to involve their employees in the innovation process.

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Taxonomy and Phylogeny

Introduction During the history of science, many biologists tried to name and describe animal species. There are several theories and hypothesis to classify and name species. It is vital to understand the role and goal of taxonomy related to the evolution of animals and how taxonomy impacts the science of evolution. More studies have been… Continue reading Taxonomy and Phylogeny